Monday, July 21, 2008

The weekly rant..

I love Antiques Roadshow. They play it here on an afternoon, and if I leave work on time (or maybe a little bit early..tee hee) I get to settle down with a cup of tea to enjoy the wide varied English accents I don't get to here so much down under, and get to marvel at how valuable people little trinkets are.

I also enjoy watching the faces of the owners.. pretending that they are surprised that their great great aunties ugly vase cost $500. I like to look for the whiff of disappointment when they find out that it is as not so rare as they thought. Most cover it really well, but next time you watch just remember... it's in the eyes!

I got to thinking how these days: the days of multi manufactured, conveyor belt, made in China, flat pack, throw away society, would these pieces nowadays make it to be antiques of the future?

Come with me... to 2167, or thereabouts. Michael Aspel has been defrosted from his chriogenic resting place especially for this comeback extravaganza.. a new series of Antiques Roadshow..

"So what do we have here? A lovely little piece from the famous swiss furniture manufacturer, IKEA... very popular around the early 2000 era. Fantastically preserved, made from a laminated MDF you know, absolutely remarkable! Shame it's worth bugger all, but an absolutely fabulous piece nonetheless. Thanks for bringing it all the way down here!"

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