Friday, June 25, 2010

From the Universe

Everything you give, you get back, times seven.

Plus, what you give, grows, times seven.
Plus plus, there's a little known intergalactic algorithm that states whenever love is added to the giving, a wish draws ever closer to the giver. Whoa!
     I give it all to you,
          The Universe

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mixed Nuts

Check out this rendition of Poker Face using only kitchen appliances and a guitar!

Monday, June 21, 2010

My Favourite Things

I just love this ad... CARROT - Can't Achieve Rewards Regardless Of Time... perfect!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Marketing Imagination

So, I get a special offer to purchase some JVC earphones at a discount.  Various colours available.  Those Kooky marketing execs have gone the extra mile and selected a fruit to go with the colour:
I was imagining the conversation around the whiteboard:

BOSS: "So, we got 9 colours - and we need something fruity to go with them.... any suggestions?"
EXEC1: "Well we got Lemon Yellow, Lime Green"
BOSS: "Lemon Yellow ok, but lime's too obvious - anything else.."
EXEC2: "Erm.... Kiwi?"
BOSS: "Perfect! - now what about red....Strawberry or Raspberry?"
EXEC1: "Erm, Strawberry, cause traditionally Raspberry is Blue"
EXEC2: "Yeah, but Raspberries aren't REALLY blue are they - lets be different... we'll go with Raspberry Red.."
EXEC1: "But then what about the Blue?"
EXEC2: "Well, we got Blueberries?"
EXEC1: "That's even more obvious!... what else ya got?"
EXEC2: "Errrrr... Peppermint?"
BOSS: "Interesting, not really a fruit, but certainly confectionary... Hmmmmm - I like it!"
EXEC1: "So, if we're keeping away from the obvious, what are we going to call the orange one?  An orange is just orange?"
EXEC2: "Well, there are different types or oranges, what about blood orange?"
EXEC1: "yuk, too Vampiric, what about Valencia"
BOSS: "ooooooh, that's GREAT!  What's left?"
EXEC2: "Erm, we got the Black, White, Purple"
EXEC1: "OK, Do we want Plum or Grape for Purple?"
EXEC2: "Grapes are green"
EXEC1: "They can be purple"
EXEC2: "Aren't they called red grapes... like red wine?"
BOSS: "Yeah, but they are more purple than red really... I'm liking Grape, we'll go with that.  Now, what's Black?"
EXEC1: "Raisins, Prunes?"
EXEC2: "That's dried fruit, doesn't count!"
EXEC1: "Is Olive a fruit or vegetable?"
EXEC2: "It's a fruit - But hardly fruity or "gummy" - wouldn't Licorice be better?"
BOSS: "Olive is perfect! Well done! - got anything for white?"
Silence for about 5 minutes, other than the humming of a projector....
EXEC2: "Spearmint?"
EXEC1: "We already got a mint...."
EXEC2: "Milk?"
EXEC1: "Hardly fruity..."
EXEC2: "well, neither is Olive, but you got that one thru..."
BOSS: "Coconut Milk!... Yes, coconut - Fantastic!"
*Smug grin*
BOSS: "So, that's it, well done chaps!"
EXEC1: "Erm, we forgot Pink..."
BOSS: "Dammit! Pink, what's pink?"
EXEC2: "well, we could go really exotic with this one, like Guava, Dragonfuit, or Pink Grapefuit, or theres...."
EXEC1: "Peach?"
EXEC2: "Peach????"
EXEC1: "Peach"
EXEC2: "But peaches are peach colour, not pink"
EXEC1: "There are sorta pinky peach, like a baby's bum"
EXEC2: "But the headphones are a vibrant pink, an exotic pink, they are just crying out for something tropical"
BOSS: "Oh, Peach will do, I gotta get off and do the school run anyway"
EXEC2: "But..."
BOSS: "Great job guys, let's go..."

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cool things I found this week

I had to sell some tyres for work, so put them on e-bay.  First I did a quick bit of research to see what the competition would be like, and what sort of things people put in their description.

I came across this sale: TYRES 18" (2) BOTH BLACK, ROUND, SMELL LIKE RUBBER

You HAVE to check out the description.. please click on the link cause it's too big to post here.
I felt compelled to post a question:
Hi there, I don't really wanna buy them, but I live close by and wondered if I can come over and have a wiff sometime. I love the smell of rubber.

And to my absolute joy today I got a response:
Dear bluehappybunny,
I can see you are a kindred spirit, and obviously a connoisseur of the fine rubbery fragrances. Such enthusiasm, and love for the rubberous pong must of course not be dampened. So please feel free to come by and do what happy bunny's do with the tyres. Who knows, we might be blessed with the sound of little screaching bunny tyres in 9 months time!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

From the Universe

Everything is FANTASTIC!

Your life is amazing.
And money does grow on trees.
      You're welcome,
                The Universe

Plus, you're a supercoolhappylovething and it's Friday.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

How I get Sidetracked and Repulse myself.

So I'm doing the Global Corporate Challange right, and I get an e-mail from one of my team members.
He is a huge show-off, knocking up 30,000 + steps in 1 day and telling everyone about it, putting my measly 11,000 steps to shame.
Anyhoo, he is taking credit for putting up a picture of the A-Team on our team page.  The fact that we called our team the A team the fact that he put it up there seemed a bit of a no-brainer, but I did admire the fact that he used a pic of the old A-Team, not the new One. (pic he posted above)

His E-mail was thus:
That photo is my doing. I wanted to get Mr T in there and make it clear that Rampage Jackson has no place in...well anything. He's a rubbish fighter.

This started my intrigue, and my ever wandering mind began to investigate.  I assumed from the e-mail that this was the "new" Mr T - but was unsure of his origins so went to trusty IMDB to investigate.
Sure enough,  BA Baracus is being played by an ex-wrestler.  Cheesy or wot! Having said that, he does seem to fit the bill.
I then noticed this news article, which enticed me enough to find out more...
Which brought me to discover that some of the original A-Team cast were playing cameos in the new one. KOOL methinks - then goes to investigate which ones.

My favourite character was Howling Mad Murdoch, cause he made me laugh, and I had a crush on Face.
They both appear in the new movie - yippee!
I go through their profiles:  Dwight Schultz appears to be favouring being away from the cameras these days, preferring to specialise in voice overs - the list is almost endless!
Then check out my fav, Dirk Benedict - profile main picture doesn't make him look any older, would be keen to find out what he looks like now, surely he must have changed a little bit... checked his date of birth.


He was born in 1945 - that makes him 65 - the same age as my DAD! eeeeewwwww! I had a crush on someone who was my dad's age! He is approaching retirement age!
I feel dirty!