Friday, August 25, 2006


I love cats. My T/l hates them, which is a shame because my cat adores him. She just loves rubbing herself up against his shoes, wallet, smokes etc etc :)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

In the 60's

Never thought I'd say this - but I love being in the 60's. Not my age stoopid :) This morning I hit the scales I was 69.6kg Whoo hoo! Of course then I go and fuck it up by forgetting my breakfast so "having" to go buy a muffin instead, but hey - I got there..... I know I'm still on track.

Is that a choir of angels I hear crying hallelujah????

Monday, August 21, 2006

Doing the Do

Still can't crack that wonderful world of the "60s" but getting pretty damn close. grrrrr. Got the dreaded "do" on Friday in the city, and I'm already dreading it. There is going to be a "friend" who I have betrayed, and a long lost "friend" who was lost for a reason. All fun and games - whoo hoo. Jelly throwing at 50 paces!

I am treating myself to a new hair "do" to try and boost my confidence before the big event. I'll need all the help I can get.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Up To Here: What if the sea came…

Up To Here: What if the sea came…
Pretty interesting idea. Why stop at the US? Give it a try here too.

What now?

Only 3 days in to my supposed re-start and I'm already waining. Don't really know why. I bought size 12 pants last night so I should be thrilled - it should give me the incentive to keep going... but it isn't. I have been on the scales every day - bad idea but I'm doing it anyway. I have gone from 72.4 Monday to 71.9 Tuesday to 70.9 this morning - another great incentive to keep going - but it isn't.

I haven't succumbed yet though..... yet.

I have an elderly friend in hospital due for open heart surgery this morning. Kinda brings my mortality into focus. I hate hospitals. I hate seeing people I love in there. I hate seeing them down and dejected, pain and worry in their eyes. Such a happy go lucky man reduced to a weak and frightened shadow of himself. His loved ones around him physically and mentally drawn and exhausted. I'm not generally religious and never go to church, but I pray that he's OK.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Who Decides?

I haven't been ignoring you all - guess I have been in hiding though. Felling pretty sorry for myself and binge eating to boot. Not something to feel good about. Got myself a mini target again so hopefully that should be enough to get me back on track.

Bought some new digital scales and feel very blessed to learn this morning that I only put on a couple of kilos, which considering my dalliances over the last few days is pretty bloody amazing. I was 72. something. I'll try and keep regular tabs on here again.

I may be forced to face my demons in a few weeks time. If I have to then I am determined to look pretty bloody amazing! Need as much confidence as I can get.

Please just tell me this - who decided what everyones ideal weight should be? Who decided that womens dress sizes should be as they are? Who decides what the next seasons fashion colours are going to be? In fact, who decided that no clothes is Indecent? who set the rules of decency?

Probably a bit too heavy for a Monday Morning huh?! Perhaps I should stick to trying to remember all the names of the seven dwarves or Santas Reindeers!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

So that's why they were cheap...

My digital scales are broke. I got them very cheap on e-bay. They have never worked really well - dodgy button - you had to press it a certain way and I never really figured out what that certain way was. Finally on Tuesday I tried to switch it on, and despite trying every which way I could think of I could not get them to switch on. I thought they might need a new battery - but yesterday I got a new battery for them and I still can't get them to work. It's either a nice way of telling me not to bother weighing myself as I'll only get disappointed, or I have bought another pile of e-bay crap. grrrr.

Found this tonight. Quite cool, kinda cheeky. I did copy the code into here but I think I must have done something wrong, so I'll post the link instead. If anyone is interested in giving me free lessons on how to do this blogging stuff for real then PLEASE get in touch :)