Monday, June 20, 2011

MeSane, Yousane, HeSane, WhoSane?

Meltdowns are becoming more regular.  Got a list of excuses a mile high for them (not enough sleep, too much work, can't switch off, etc etc ad nauseum!)

All the reasons for my emotional behaviour seem so rational at the time.  I carefully analyse my reasoning, having the conversations in my head, any possible objections shot down in flames.

I finally break and admit my defeat. His responses so clear, so concise.  Completely opposing and also completely rational. My own reasoning crumbling before my very eyes.

I suddenly feel foolish, my folly becoming obvious, my horse of rationale bolting for the door.

Why is it that when other people seek advice from me, I can see their predicament with complete clarity, their sometimes distorted visions glaringly obvious. Both sides of the story generally in panoramic view.

My reasoning this time? The heart is the twisted sister, obscuring the eyes from all that is evident. Only when the mind is clear from the heart's rose coloured spectacles can it truly see.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bloody B Dubs!

This happens to me a lot. I know I only got a likkle car, but sheesh!

So I am in the right hand lane, about halfway through overtaking a b-double truck, or I am travelling alongside one on the freeway.

When you are about parallel with the middle of their extra long load, they will indicate to want to be in my lane.

I have a panic attack. Sometimes I think I could wee myself.

What's the etiquette here?  I'm in the middle of them, so I either have to speed up to get past them, or slam on the brakes so they go past me and hope that any guys behind me are paying attention.

Why do they always have to do it when I am in the middle?
(x marks the spot where I usually am when they start indicating!!!)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Losing my Anonimity

I haven't been here for a while. I was seduced by Facebook and generally been taken over by my life.
I was doing really well.  I had 5 balls in the air, and was juggling successfully.
Eyes focussed on the prize, the Universe and I bosom buddies. I was listening to "her" direction (the Universe has gotta be female to be that wise, huh girls?)
Everything was working out.

Turns out this Universe chick has an evil sense of humour.

Thing is, I asked, and she gave.  Cause that is what happens. You ask, and she gives. You don't have to ask how, or why, or whether you deserve it.  You ask, and there it is.

I just didn't expect it so soon.  My request was meant for after my 5 year plan was complete. I wanted to chew one piece at a time.  With a wry grin, she gave me the whole cake!  Cheeky bugger!

I was juggling 5 balls, so she threw me a chainsaw.

I used to be able to do cute little tweets or status updates. I knew what they meant, my little release to the world, cryptic.  Nowadays, too many people get their meaning.

So I'm here, back under my rock, sheltering for a while in total anonimity. Where I can release without being judged, watched or "liked". 

Isn't is amazing how one little chainsaw can make all the other balls feels so heavy, so hard to handle!?