Monday, May 29, 2006

10k gone!

Wow! I'm halfway there! Was the news I really needed to stay on track.

I did endulge slightly on Monday, but not as bad as I could have been. We had BBQ chicken for lunch and I stole one or 4 of T/ls chips (yummy) and had some coleslaw. Then about 4pm when he left I had a handful of Doritos (double yummy), then decided that if I was gonna mess around like this I might as well make sure I knocked myself out of Ketosis. I knew I still had 3/4 tin of that yummy cream in the fridge, and I went to the supermarket and bought a couple of individual apple pies (Triple yummy). Warmed them up and me and C sat there and had our dessert watching Big Brother. C. asks me if that means I'm gonna be fat again. Jeez if anything gonna put you back on that wagon then my son will. Thinking of hiring him out as a personal life coach :)

So next day I was back on track, and have been good ever since. I hit the treadmill twice this week, even did a bit of running (anything to defrost my toes - office is freezing) and I did the gardening at the weekend - shifting 2 cubic metres of soil, 1 bucket at a time!

My assumption is that my body hit starvation mode which slowed my weight loss, and the day off was the kick start it needed. I'm going to ensure I have a regular day off to treat myself and keep me motivated and my metabolism ticking over.

Oh, and I bought my first pair of size 14 pants last week. Haven't been that size in 11 years! Awesome feeling.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Another 0.9 gone. My body is making me work for it. Getting very tempting now. Indulged in 1 bbq pringle, and licked the flavour off one of C's Doritos. Also treated myself to a bit of reduced fat cream in my chicken and mushroom supreme. Low carbs and I only had a little bit - but felt REALLY naughty.
Biggest dilemma now. T/l taking me for lunch today. Been reading on TF website that a few people have conciously had a carb meal once every so often so they don't feel deprived. Think that might be a good idea. Figured if I had it today that gives me a whole week before weigh in to get it off again. Will knock me out of ketosis, but then I'll get straight back into it, and it might just be the jolt that my body needs. Then again - this might just be an excuse for me to slack off. Once I jump off the wagon will it be hard to get back on? If I didn't lose next week because of my lack of willpower I will be very disappointed. Decisions Decisions!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Where did that Hill come from?

It's getting harder. I'm bored of food. Copied a heap of recipes from TF website in hope of trying to reclaim by tastebuds. It's true I do not have much imagination (or skill) when it comes to cooking. Any fab tasting (don't lie to me) low carb low fat recipes please let me know. (who am I kidding - no-one reads this anyway!)

Hit the treadmill twice this week so far but think I am having a day off today. Food shopping instead. Nothing much planned for the weekend, so looks like another hard one trying to fend off the munchies and the sofa sores.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mens Pants

Why am I not happy with the result? I have lost haven't I? I'm going in the right direction. I should feel pleased with myself. I'm losing my will power to avoid temptation..... the light at the end of the tunnel still seems so far away.

trying to find reasons why my losses aren't as great anymore. Is it because I'm exercising and putting on muscle? Is it because I'm not exercising enough? Is it because I missed a couple of shakes this week because I simply wasn't hungry? Am I doing something wrong?

Ah! well whatever it is - mustn't give up. If only for the bitchy reason that my "friend" is on this plan too and I want to be more successful that her and show her how it's REALLy done. She's still having leaded coffee, and she's eating her fruit everyday which I'm not, and she still says she is hungry. She is a very competitive person, and she's always trying to put me down. It would be nice to be on a higher plane for a change.

I know that sounds nasty - that's why I put it on here - no-one will see it. Have to vent sometimes tho don't ya!

Been craving really weird things. Most people crave choccie or bread or chips. Too normal for me. I'm craving porridge and meat pies. and I'd kill for a bit of Yorkshire Pudding and sage and onion stuffing with my roast. grrrr.

The loss is showing on my clothes though. T/L couldn't get over how good I look. Said my suit looks like mens pants that are too baggy for me. They used to be tight. Wish I could afford to buy ones that fit. Any donations gratefully received... that's donations of ladies suit trousers, not mens pants :)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

It's Official - I'm not LARGE anymore :)

Went to the factory outlets today to buy this top I wanted. Automatically look for "large" Lo and behold.... not a single one in site (they always go first leaving you with thousands of XXS to look through dismally - when are the retail shops gonna realise that the larger woman grossly outnumbers the skinny ones!)

There was a Medium in the colour I wanted. It's on sale. Hmmmmm I wonder..... Head to the changing room and lo and behold.... perfect fit! Whoo Hoo!!!!! I can officially call myself a medium :) :) :)

Next I have to pluck up courage to try my bottom half (which has always been bigger) My suit pants are hanging off me now... but I am reluctant to try the next size down in case they don't fit and I make myself miserable with self pity. Maybe next week.....

Monday, May 08, 2006

I must have a huge bladder!

Lazing in bed, trying to work out how many more seconds I can spare before being officially "late" for work, when I remembered it was weigh in day. Hoped on the scales - same as last week. shock horror!

Hang on a minute - I've changed the routine. Loo first, then weigh in. Back on scales. Lost 0.7kg. My bladder holds over 1/2 kilo of wee!!!!!!! I never thought I would be so happy about that revelation :)

I was a leetle bit naughty over the weekend I guess. What with the crappy chinese on Saturday night and the peppercorn sauce on my steak yesterday, and nibbling at my sisters caesar salad (with parmesan shavings). Hmmm.

Guess that I should take it as a sign - gotta get stuck into the exercise properly.

Hey - a loss is a loss is a loss. I'm happy!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

I always get really really excited about birthdays. I'm 31 now but for some reason still expect them to be like when I was 6! Have to remind myself they are not supposed to be exciting anymore. It's just another day in paradise.

Mum spoiled my yesterday. She took me shopping for some sexy brown boots, and I ended up also getting a gorgeous blue knitted top from Portmans, and a mixer :)

Last night TL came over, he was later than expected and hadn't text me to tell me he was on his way, so I was stressing as usual when he got here, and I spoiled it by blubbering again. All week he's been promising me he'd spoil me, then he turns up with only $20 to buy takeout and falls asleep watching the footy. I am truly blessed!

He was really sweet though and I'm not really complaining, just thought it was funny. Despite being absolutely exhausted he did manage to hang around until after 12 so he could officially say Happy Birthday to me in person. He's already rang me this morning, says he feels like he's been headbutted by a bus. I've probably given him my illness. See... Birthdays are for giving as well as receiving.

The chinese we had last night was a big disappointment. I treated myself with crispy duck and got beef and mushroom to balance it. The beef had far too much ginger in it for my liking and the duck does not taste the same without the plum sauce. :( I went on the treadmill this morning for an hour and did about 5ks to try and balance out anything I had bad last night and anything I may have today which I shouldn't. Hope it's enough cause it's weigh in tomorrow! Gave myself blisters so now I can't wear my new boots. grrrr!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Let them eat cake...

It's my birthday on Sunday. Just brought cakes in for everyone - of course I can't have them. They looked soooooooooooooooooo yummy! The muffins were warm and moist, succulent berrys and gooey choc chips exposed for all to see. Rich and dense hedgehog and coconut slice. What have I got to look forward to? A banana shake! Whoo hoo!. I must be a masochist - why else would I torture myself with a plate full of decadent evil only inches from my nose.

I went to the docs last night - had to go for the dreaded intrusion (pap) and had a list of few other minor complaints. Thought I might as well get my monies worth. Back fired though. Happy Birthday... here's some anti-biotics. grrr. Good job I wasn't intending on drinking anyway!

Did decide to treat myself from spit roast lamb from the fish and chip shop next door to the chemist. It is divine!!!!!!!! Having it today for lunch with some slow roast veggies I did last night. Really looking forward to that. Who needs cake eh?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


A huge thank you to Lil Miss Piggy for helping me change my colours. I lurve it! She has been sooo nice and helpful and I have been a complete pain cause I don't know much about HTML. doh!

Actually felt hungry before lunch today. First time since I started the diet! Had an apple and headed to the gym. I had promised myself a regular trip to the gym, and failed yesterday so didn't want to make 2 excuses in a row.

Had a tiff with TL. Misunderstanding and we sorted it out. Think this is my first REAL adult relationship. Previously I would just sulk and pout. Talking about it and resolving it is much more rewarding! :)

He's taking me out for my birthday on Saturday and already stressing about what I am going to eat at the restaurant. Why does everyone else worry about it? I don't!

Having an early night tonight. C woke up in the night, and spent 2 restless hours in my bed, before telling me he couldn't sleep on an empty stomach. Sent him to his own bed with some tiny teddies!

Monday, May 01, 2006

I love this programme. No real effort and great results! Didn't think I would have lost anything this week. Keep waiting for the plateau.... but I hope it never happens!

Had the dreaded monthlys last week, had a sore throat and cold (can't call it flu as I have had the jab) and dosed myself up to the eyeballs with "drugs" (mostly herbal) which resulted in severe "blockage"....

Dreaded the scales this morning - felt like I swallowed a brick - thought it was bound to show. I had to switch the light on as I didn't believe my eyes. Then I got off the scales and had another go just to make sure! whoo hoo hoooooo!

Couldn't wait to tell anyone who is interested. Luckily my TL rings at 7am so he gets the good news first. He's very dubious about this diet as "I don't eat much" (he's from Italian background.... therefore if you don't eat 6 bowls of pasta a day you are not eating properly)

There's only one thing that annoys me. That is that people think they have to tip toe around me because I'm "on a diet" - i.e they can't invite me out for meals or have to cook something that I can eat. I don't want to feel like I'm being a nuisance, or spoiling their fun, or that I'm missing out on something. That's their view not mine. My mum wanted to take me for lunch on my birthday next week, but mentioned we would have to pick carefully where we go. Had to explain that it doesn't matter where we go - the point is I can work my diet into anywhere I go. Even Pizza restaurants do salad or steaks - it's not that difficult. Why don't other people see that?

I've finally worked out how to post up the links. Please let me know if any don't work properly. I'll work this stuff out eventually.... but one step at a time eh???