Thursday, June 28, 2007

Advertisers have NO Common Sense!

I saw the new Kang Tong advert last night... irritably catchy jingle, Chinese family opening the jar of chinese simmer sauces and tucking in to a delicious feast... hmmmmm. (I couldn't find the advert I am talking about on the Tube, but this one is a similar principle)

I had a thought when this came on.... similar to one I had with the Dolmio ad... you know, the one where the annoying "Italian" Muppet show type puppets cook their delicious bolognese from the simmer sauces. (Again can't find the originals, but these are the Scottish versions!)

My query is this.... Why would a chinese family use a jar of chinese sauce? Why would an Italian family use ready made bolognese sauce? These are families steeped in history and tradition, whose recipes would be handed down through the generations. The ancestors would turn in their graves if they knew that their decendants were stooping so low as to use convenience food, instead of putting the love and care into freshly grown ingredients as they did in years gone by..

These sauces are designed for people like me, who have no heritage in chinese or Italian cooking. Show people like me in these adverts please.... that would make much more sense to me!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Secret

Everyone has an opinion on the new revelation, "the Secret" - which incidently is not a new revelation at all, but just a new draft of the same principles that all self help books have. I was reading Corporate Alien's latest opinion on the subject. I felt the need to comment, but I find it very hard to put into words why people such as CA feel that self help books and the law of attraction "does not work"

These books are not magic tricks, quick fixes or the solution to all problems. It seems the majority of people that buy these books are looking for a miracle, and expect that reading a few chapters will be the answer to all their prayers. It is not as simple as that. The reason people like Rhonda Byrne are so successful and achieve what they set out to do is that they are not afraid of hard work. They are not prepared to accept that what life throws at them is their lot and that is that.. end of story. They are prepared to do whatever it takes to change, to achieve, to get results. Most importantly they have a positive attitude, and are determined.

I am afraid I am guilty of expecting everything for nothing. I truly admire these people that have the courage, determination, motivation and strength to go for what they want. It is a full time, non-stop, 24 hour toil to achieve, and whilst I too have dreams, I obviously don't want them enough as I simply don't seem to be able to give them the effort they truly deserve.

If you want something desperately enough, you will do anything to get it, and I do believe that it will happen. Negative articles like CA's are just more proof that being cynical will not get you lifes desires...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Doin The Do

Isn't it amazing what you find when you are looking for answers to trivia questions.. I have always wondered what happened to Betty Boo

I knew all the words to her most famous hit, "Doin the Do" What a sad little kid I musta been!

Monday, June 25, 2007

I have Nothing...

I wanted to blog this morning but had nothing to write about. Except my hair. I have had my hair cut. Major change. Fringe I never had before and I've gone from non descript brown to vibrant red. I don't have a pic tho for you... Maybe get the courage up to post pics soon.

When I have more time I will find a cool Meme site for ideas of what to post on Mondays. Make a regular Monday slot. Need something cool to do to kick start the week.

Until then.... rambling will have to do... oh, except you can check this out if you like, if you haven't already.. it was on blogs of note so you probably have..... oh well!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

You Can't Handle the Truth!

We've all had them... those "chain" e-mails that give you those amazing stories, facts and figures that are almost to good to be true. Or those warnings of the latest goings on in the world of criminals and master scammers, or those heart wrenching tales of sorrow with cries for help...

.... but how do you know they are really true, or just some crazy ramblings of a person with nothing better to do than to try and trick the world into believing something extraordinary.

The guys at Snopes will tell ya. They are using their spare time for good instead of evil... tracking down the truth behind the rumours. They will tell you whether a tooth left in coke will really disappear, or whether it is true that a woman who wrote to her soldier boyfriend asking for her photo back got sent a box of photos and was asked to pick hers out and send the rest back.

Wonder No More!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Shirt off your back

I love T'shirts. Especially ones with funky designs. I love them with witty comments too. It can have its drawbacks though. I was once wearing an FCUK T-shirt which just had the words "Je Suis Horny" on it. I was with my mum and my then 4 year old son, and I was buying a sandwich. I had the entire sandwich shop coming over to have a look at my chest. Not nice.
Now I am a mother, and in my 30's, it was "suggested" by my family that I was perhaps getting a bit old to wear provocative and "funky" T-shirts. I was mortified. Why is it a T-Shirt with a skull and cross bones is only fitting for a tweeny????
I settle for buying cool designs for my BF and my son.

Here's a handy little site that I came across. Enjoy!

Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm Back!!!

I'm coming back. I missed this. I got a bit defeated when I realised no-one was reading my blog. I thought no-one loved me.
But then I realised it don't matter anyways. I have this space to vent, to rant hysterically and if people wanna read it they can and if they don't well at least I got it off my mind, and I might be one step closer to sanity (or complete madness.. whatever!)
I keep sending myself e-mails with links to cool sites that I think I wanna check out someday.. what i should be doing is posting them here.. people might just stumble across this and think "hey, this bunny is pretty weird and her rantings are delusional, but the site she linked to was pretty cool!"
That's enough for me!
My posts will be erratic, misinformed and complete drivel, but they'll be here... I promise.

Oh, and you can thank Lifesinger for my return. SHE MISSED ME! Someone across the other side of the world missed me. Brought a tear to my eye I can tell you! Lifesinger... you made me feel special, you made me feel loved... and for that I will always be grateful.