Friday, June 30, 2006

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Phew! Lost half a kilo.

I'm wearing pants today that are too big for me (again) when I started this I couldn't get them to fasten, and I had the best camel toe you've ever seen :) Wish I'd tried them on a bit sooner, I love these pants - would have been nice to have worn them when they actually fitted nicely.

Oh, and Happy 70th Birthday Mum. She'd kill me if she knew it was on the net for the whole world to see. Tee hee.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wish I Hadn't Done that....

I'm a silly silly girl. Couldn't help myself and got on the scales this morning. Haven't lost anything. Damn damn damn. Now I am stressing about what I have done wrong this week, what I have to do to improve next week etc etc etc. aaaargh! It's my own fault. I got carried away with myself and these days off - began to think I was invincible.

It's my mums 70th birthday tomorrow and I was going to treat us all to Chinese (she doesn't want a big fuss as my BIL is not well) - I will have to be good now though. grrrr.

Saw something interesting a few days ago while checking out nutritional values for a friend of mine. I went on - great aussie site for seeing what you are REALLY eating. I started checking the weightwatchers items out - just to see how much "better" they were for you. Got a bit of a shock...

Bear in mind that the TF programme is VLCD (very low calorie diet) and well as low carb.

Weight Watchers Steamed Pudding, Sticky Date, frozen
per pudding (80g)
Calories - 360 cals, Kilojoules - 1504 kJ, Total Fats - 6.6 g
Sugars - 26.9 g, Carbohydrates - 73.6 g Cholesterol -
Protein - 5.8 g, Sodium - 528 mg Fibre - 2.7 g

Sara Lee Puddings, Sticky Date, frozen
per serving, 1/6 pudding (79g)
Calories - 266 cals, Kilojoules - 1,112 kJ Total Fats - 10.0 g
Sugars - 29.1 g, Carbohydrates - 40.7 g Cholesterol -
Protein - 2.3 g Sodium - 222 mg Fibre -

This gives me the irrates. Most people (like myself) would automatically assume that being "weightwatchers" it would be better for you that a "normal" pudding. But for (roughly) the same amount you are actually getting 100 extra calories and almost DOUBLE the carbs! Just goes to show that you cannot rely on marketing and branding alone.

My message - ALWAYS CHECK LABELS people. Don't be fooled into thinking it is better for you just because it is marketed towards people trying to lose weight.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Just a Little bit Naughty.....


T/L came over after all and stayed so we had awesome pasta and pizza. Intention on Sunday was to go Krispy Kreme hunting as well, but I flatly refuse to queue for donuts! People have gone insane. Ok, it's the first 1 in Victoria, - BUT THEY ARE DONUTS! They are not made of gold, they are not designed by Armani and they don't feature an exclusive picture of semi-naked celebrities (mores the pity) so why spend an hour queuing up for them? Are they REALLY that nice???

Saturday I went to Salvos hunting for a bargain pair of jeans as my current ones are starting to fall down. I tried on a pair of size 14 Mossimos. I know, I know I guess I was a bit too adventurous. The good thing was that I did manage to get into them AND fasten them up. The bad thing was that I had a spare tyre that Mitchelin would have been proud to sell to 4X4 owners. Back to the drawing board. Denim is soooo unforgiving.

Back to being good as gold today. Slept in so didn't test the scales. Kinda glad :) That half packet of jaffa cakes I ate would show up and I'm not ready to face that.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Might as well face it......

I'm addicted to blog! Take last night for example. I should have been updating my website. I should have been updating my e-bay store, or creating my new online store. What was I really doing? Checked out Blog sites and Memes, trying to decide how to make my blog more interesting, how to attract traffic etc. Shame on all you blogsters out there - you're making addicts of us all!

Weighed in this morning - not bad for 4 days eh?! Might even try and be good this weekend after all. T/l sick, so may not turn up. Didn't do my usual routine either. Forgot it was weigh in day and had a shower first - so it might just have been even less (what? I'm NOT obsessing!!!)

Got wedding cake in the post today from Fi Fi, all the way over in the UK. Had a sliver for brekkie with my shake. Bit dry but suppose you can expect that what with the wedding being a month ago and it being subject to cabin pressure and postal service smelly bags and damp transit vans. Can't really be too much of a food critic all things considered. Got a mild stomach ache now - you don't think it's related do you?

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I love that word. Rolls off the tongue just beautifully doesn't it?

I feel great. I have already beaten last weeks visits to the gym, so I can successfully mark that as an improvement.

Will probably be naughty again this weekend, as expecting T/L over. Hence my decision to change my weigh days to Friday. (almost as big a decision as marriage! - hmmmm) That way the 4 days I have been good will not be in vain. Then if I have been bad I have 5 whole days to work my sorry butt off so that it doesn't show in the scales. Jeez I'm so clever I amaze myself! (yeah I know I'm sarcastic)

Oh, and C has taken a liking to all my sugar free lollies, especially my Ricci Lite and Lucious Fabulous Fruits - is there nothing sacred? Grrrrr.

Gonna start posting up links to other blogs I have come across on my way, and stuff I find cool, funny or just down right sad and pathetic.... that way this might be worth reading once in a while.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Weakness? What weakness?

Well well well. Defo back on track. That week off had really shaken my willpower - was very tempted to bend the rules again at the weekend. Lots of emotional stress didn't help, but luckily my fear of non-ketosis is even strong than the carb demons.

I am thinking however of changing my weigh in day from Monday to Friday. That way if for some reason I do succumb to evil then I have a good 5-6 days to work it off again. Hmmmm decision decisions.

My boy is still helping me keep on track too - though I wish he would stop telling all the customers in the supermarket what I can and can't have because of my diet! It seems to make them look at me differently - as a fat person rather than just a stranger at the checkout. Suppose it's like when someone comments on the size of your nose - everyone else has ackowledged it but not focussed on it until it's been made public.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

We Shall Overcome!

Continued from yesterday......
Monday morning came. It was a bank holiday so I'd slept in (well as much as a 6 yr old will let me anyway) hit the scales. put on 1.2 kg. Destraught, Mortified. Ashamed. Only had myself to blame.

Back on the straight and narrow. Being a good girl again. Had a yummy tea of pork loin with apple "sauce" made from my fruit allowance and fake sugar. Was yummo!

Tuesday morning I'm back at work after a week off. Decided to check the scales just to make sure I was now going back in the right direction..
Are my scales broken or something? Switched the light on and checked again. Yup that's right. It says I am back down to 74.4. How the F**k can I lose 1.2 kilo in 1 day! Am I complaining? Hell no!

I checked again this morning - just to make absolutely sure... down to 74 even - so I am heading in the right direction.

I'm glad my body has let me off lightly for my week of sin and debauchery, and it's also made me feel a lot less guilty for my cheats. hey I'm human, sometimes I gotta allow myself to indulge. Obviously not to the extreme I did last week (I'd like to be able to hold my head a bit higher thank you!) but at least I don't have to feel contantly deprived. Makes this whole battle a little easier to bear.

Roll on official weight day Monday! Show me whatchya got!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Demon wins - but not for Long.....

I have been neglecting my blog. Mostly because I have been back to my old habits and was too ashamed to face the harsh reality.
I was supposed to have a day off - it turned in to a week - well maybe more like 9 days!!!!!
Had friends stay over Saturday night. Put dips out for everyone and although I was very good at dinner and resisted the potatos and the nibblies I put out, I did succumb to the dips and a bit of cheese. The Gin didn't help either, although again I didn't go overboard.
The Sunday was also a bit naughty... but nice :) Mostly little things like bacon and eggs for brekkie as well as steak and veggies for lunch - not huge crimes but still misdemeanors.
It was a pretty slow decent via Monday and Tuesday - bit of Mars Bar slice here, a KFC twister there... hmmmm!
It was Wednesday when it really hit the fan. T/l over and I had promised him a diet free day - and BOY was I gonna make the most of it. Porridge for brekkie with heaps of golden syrup. We went Italian for lunch - pasta and pizza - I was in heaven!
After that it's all a blur - half a box of pringles, followed by the rest of the dip (I had veggies with it I tells ya!) more porridge, potato cakes, peanut butter on toast, hot cross bun (I had them in the freezer cause I was DAMNED if I was gonna miss out completely this year!), more porridge, Bacon Double Cheese Burgers, Onion Rings, Spaghetti Bolognese (with extra parmesan), more porridge whoah there!
By Saturday T/L was back again, so another round of pizza and pasta (this time take away - with pasta servings meant for 2 people) more mars bar slice & porridge....
Of course why stop there - why not have the leftovers on Sunday - followed by the rest of the pringles, followed by half a box of mini snickers bars, followed by rest of the cheese and crackers.
By Sunday evening I was feeling thoroughly and totally ashamed of myself.
to be continued.........