Tuesday, October 14, 2008

who versus who?

So recently I watched the movie Alien Vs Predator. It wasn't all bad I suppose, well I stayed awake anyways, but it got me thinking... those Hollywood Producers obviously looking for some quick cash are looking for blockbusters movies they can merge, in the hope that 2 rights make another one (WRONG!) Freddie Vs Jason being another recent example...

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Here are my ideas for movie mergers.. Should any Movie Producers reading these ideas wish to turn them into movies I will accept one off payments of $50k per idea. I know normally most would insist on a cut of the box office takings, but I'm thinking it very unlikely they'll be smash hits....

Indiana Jones Vs Lara Croft.
The first to the lost relic takes the Adventurer crown.

Michael Myers Vs Thomas Hewitt
Halloween meets the Chainsaw Massacre. Chainsaws at 10 paces (if it was 20 they wouldn't reach!!)

Poltergeist Kid Vs Damien from Omen
Which kid can make your hair stand on end first

James Bond Vs the Transporter
James Tricks alongside Transporters kicks....

Seagal Vs Van Damme.
Who can kill the most guys in the mot inventive ways without a single scratch.

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