Saturday, February 07, 2009

Shhh. Kate tagged me!

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

1. I have a passion for glass bricks. There is a house near where I live that has a wall with glass bricks details in it, and I love it. My dream house would have a glass brick feature wall somewhere.
2. I freely admit to picking my nose in the car.. cause of course no-one can see you when you're driving :)
3. I buy the Sunday Herald Sun every week, just for the crossword. It's a full page one that lasts me all week.
4. My favourite sandwich is egg mayo and beetroot.
5. I report people to the EPA if they drop litter, yet I don't pick up after my doggies morning toilet achievements.
6. I once did a 14 mile row across lake windermere, and didn't feel sore the next day (gee.. Those were the days!)
7. I have always wanted to play the bass guitar.
8. I have an obsession with "picking" (see point 2) I frequently "attend" to my cats nose, my dogs ears and eyes, and my son if he'll let me. I used to pick his nose with tweezers when he was a baby.
9. I built by own jewellery making desk with pull out drawers.. all by myself!
10. I used to "rally" in my mom's car when she lent it to me when I was younger, down a road the locals nicknamed "chicken run". I'd also do hand-brake turns in the gravel. She still doesn't know.
11. I broke up with my first boyfriend because he cut off his long hair.
12. I've always wanted a pet goat..
13. I'm a secret mobwars fanatic. (not secret any more)
14. I love the smell of petrol, paint, and sweaty gyms!
15. (damn this is getting hard!) I have recently been taking my mum to line dancing.. and I am actually enjoying it too!
16. I once went to a 70s fancy dress as a black chick.. complete with full body make up and afro wig (which I still have)
17. I avoid returning things I have bought because I hate going to shops and complaining.. even if the complaint is utterly legitimate and reasonable.
18. I once did correspondence courses on Photography and Interior Design. I didn't complete either of them.
19. My favourite flowers are Lillies... especially the white peace lily.
20. I was once good enough to swim for the Junior County Swim team. I gave it up before I got chance to take part in any competitions.
21. I started doing Karate because I had a crush on my "sensei" Several years after I quit, I bumped into him in the street and he made a pass at me, and I declined!
22. I have all my wisdom teeth, and never had any problems with them.
23. My favourite toys were Barbies and Lego.
24. I absolutely can't stand Kate Bush's voice. If a song of hers is playing I have to leave the room until it's over. It's like nails on a chalk board to me!
25. It's taken me a week to think of 25 things to put on this damned list!

1 comment:

Kate said...

Great list! Well, apart from the picking, you really do like that don't you LOL

Well done for #6, that must have taken some doing!

I do #17 too, which is why I have a cupboard full of non-functioning crap.