Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quirky Tuesday

Had an argument "ahem" sorry discussion, about the recent flight delays caused by the Iceland Volcano eruption.
Aged Relative: "How come a Volcano in Iceland is stopping flight leaving here - no way the smoke has reached Australia"
Me: "It's landing at the other end in Europe that is causing the problems"
AR: "Well, how come it's causing problems, they can usually fly in fog unless it's REALLY bad"
Me: "Maybe it's REALLY bad....."
AR: "Didn't look really bad in those clips they just shown on the TV, anyway isn't that what they have Radar for?"

It is here that I gave up continuing the discussion, as this picture came to mind:

While "researching" this post (I.e checking MSN for a news link) I came across this AWESOME photo:

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