Thursday, January 27, 2011

Light Bulb Moment

Ok, so I was walking through the shopping centre, wondering why I had insisted on wearing these godawful heels when I knew damn well I was going to have to walk round the shops, when I had an epiphany..

Why doesn't someone invent telescopic heels?  That way you can have the sophisticated high heel vamp look for work, or the races, but then when your feet get sore and you need flats, you press a button the side of the shoe and adjust the heel so it disappears into the shoe. Aaaah! comfy shoes instantly!

I was so amazed with myself that I had to rush straight home (albeit with burning soles) and blog about it.

Hmmm better just check first that no-one else has this before I declare it as my idea.

Dammit! Someone already had the idea in 1960!
and a similar one came out as early as 1956!

As I was born in the 70's I guess I can't say that I thought of it first! Wonder why they never caught on?

Even Chanel had a light bulb moment about shoe heels:

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Olivemonster said...

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