Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Secret

Everyone has an opinion on the new revelation, "the Secret" - which incidently is not a new revelation at all, but just a new draft of the same principles that all self help books have. I was reading Corporate Alien's latest opinion on the subject. I felt the need to comment, but I find it very hard to put into words why people such as CA feel that self help books and the law of attraction "does not work"

These books are not magic tricks, quick fixes or the solution to all problems. It seems the majority of people that buy these books are looking for a miracle, and expect that reading a few chapters will be the answer to all their prayers. It is not as simple as that. The reason people like Rhonda Byrne are so successful and achieve what they set out to do is that they are not afraid of hard work. They are not prepared to accept that what life throws at them is their lot and that is that.. end of story. They are prepared to do whatever it takes to change, to achieve, to get results. Most importantly they have a positive attitude, and are determined.

I am afraid I am guilty of expecting everything for nothing. I truly admire these people that have the courage, determination, motivation and strength to go for what they want. It is a full time, non-stop, 24 hour toil to achieve, and whilst I too have dreams, I obviously don't want them enough as I simply don't seem to be able to give them the effort they truly deserve.

If you want something desperately enough, you will do anything to get it, and I do believe that it will happen. Negative articles like CA's are just more proof that being cynical will not get you lifes desires...

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