Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nobody loves me.......

My morning dog walk is on a concrete path round a nearby reserve. Lately I have noticed quite a few worms on the path. This to me seems like a rather misguided and extremely dangerous trip these wiggly fellas are taking, being that on the concrete they are sitting “ducks” for the birds. There is even evidence of the perils and remnants of the fallen on the path… curvy lines on the path that used to be brethren.

One morning I was feeling particularly generous and thought I would throw the alive ones back on the grass to safety and beyond.. The dilemma then occurred….

Do I throw them to the left of the path, or to the right? I can imagine there is nothing more annoying to a worm than to commence an expedition to the other side, only to succumb to the hands of a busy body self proclaimed good Samaritan who in the guise of “helping” throws you right back to where you started from.

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Kate said...

Maybe the worms are crossing the path to avoid the chickens LOL