Monday, September 08, 2008

A Week's worth of Songs

I wanted a song for every day of the week... but there was some missing.. here's my list:-

Manic Monday (Bangles)
I Don't like Monday's (Boomtown Rats)
... there's does appear to be anything good about Mondays to sing about ;)

Ruby Tuesday (Rolling Stones)

Only one I could think of was a referral to "hump" day...
My Humps (Black Eyed Peas)
somehow though I don't think that's what the song is about....

Nope, got nu'in

I got Friday on my Mind (The EasyBeats)
Friday I'm in Love (The Cure)

Saturday Night at the Movies (The Drifters)
Saturday's alright for Fightin (Elton John)

Easy (like Sunday Morning) (Commodores/Faith No More)
Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Small Faces)

For a far more comprehensive list...
see here
The one's on pink are some of my fave songs of all time... guess I'm a weekend person ;)

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