Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cool things I found this week

I had to sell some tyres for work, so put them on e-bay.  First I did a quick bit of research to see what the competition would be like, and what sort of things people put in their description.

I came across this sale: TYRES 18" (2) BOTH BLACK, ROUND, SMELL LIKE RUBBER

You HAVE to check out the description.. please click on the link cause it's too big to post here.
I felt compelled to post a question:
Hi there, I don't really wanna buy them, but I live close by and wondered if I can come over and have a wiff sometime. I love the smell of rubber.

And to my absolute joy today I got a response:
Dear bluehappybunny,
I can see you are a kindred spirit, and obviously a connoisseur of the fine rubbery fragrances. Such enthusiasm, and love for the rubberous pong must of course not be dampened. So please feel free to come by and do what happy bunny's do with the tyres. Who knows, we might be blessed with the sound of little screaching bunny tyres in 9 months time!!

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