Thursday, June 10, 2010

How I get Sidetracked and Repulse myself.

So I'm doing the Global Corporate Challange right, and I get an e-mail from one of my team members.
He is a huge show-off, knocking up 30,000 + steps in 1 day and telling everyone about it, putting my measly 11,000 steps to shame.
Anyhoo, he is taking credit for putting up a picture of the A-Team on our team page.  The fact that we called our team the A team the fact that he put it up there seemed a bit of a no-brainer, but I did admire the fact that he used a pic of the old A-Team, not the new One. (pic he posted above)

His E-mail was thus:
That photo is my doing. I wanted to get Mr T in there and make it clear that Rampage Jackson has no place in...well anything. He's a rubbish fighter.

This started my intrigue, and my ever wandering mind began to investigate.  I assumed from the e-mail that this was the "new" Mr T - but was unsure of his origins so went to trusty IMDB to investigate.
Sure enough,  BA Baracus is being played by an ex-wrestler.  Cheesy or wot! Having said that, he does seem to fit the bill.
I then noticed this news article, which enticed me enough to find out more...
Which brought me to discover that some of the original A-Team cast were playing cameos in the new one. KOOL methinks - then goes to investigate which ones.

My favourite character was Howling Mad Murdoch, cause he made me laugh, and I had a crush on Face.
They both appear in the new movie - yippee!
I go through their profiles:  Dwight Schultz appears to be favouring being away from the cameras these days, preferring to specialise in voice overs - the list is almost endless!
Then check out my fav, Dirk Benedict - profile main picture doesn't make him look any older, would be keen to find out what he looks like now, surely he must have changed a little bit... checked his date of birth.


He was born in 1945 - that makes him 65 - the same age as my DAD! eeeeewwwww! I had a crush on someone who was my dad's age! He is approaching retirement age!
I feel dirty!

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