Thursday, June 17, 2010

Marketing Imagination

So, I get a special offer to purchase some JVC earphones at a discount.  Various colours available.  Those Kooky marketing execs have gone the extra mile and selected a fruit to go with the colour:
I was imagining the conversation around the whiteboard:

BOSS: "So, we got 9 colours - and we need something fruity to go with them.... any suggestions?"
EXEC1: "Well we got Lemon Yellow, Lime Green"
BOSS: "Lemon Yellow ok, but lime's too obvious - anything else.."
EXEC2: "Erm.... Kiwi?"
BOSS: "Perfect! - now what about red....Strawberry or Raspberry?"
EXEC1: "Erm, Strawberry, cause traditionally Raspberry is Blue"
EXEC2: "Yeah, but Raspberries aren't REALLY blue are they - lets be different... we'll go with Raspberry Red.."
EXEC1: "But then what about the Blue?"
EXEC2: "Well, we got Blueberries?"
EXEC1: "That's even more obvious!... what else ya got?"
EXEC2: "Errrrr... Peppermint?"
BOSS: "Interesting, not really a fruit, but certainly confectionary... Hmmmmm - I like it!"
EXEC1: "So, if we're keeping away from the obvious, what are we going to call the orange one?  An orange is just orange?"
EXEC2: "Well, there are different types or oranges, what about blood orange?"
EXEC1: "yuk, too Vampiric, what about Valencia"
BOSS: "ooooooh, that's GREAT!  What's left?"
EXEC2: "Erm, we got the Black, White, Purple"
EXEC1: "OK, Do we want Plum or Grape for Purple?"
EXEC2: "Grapes are green"
EXEC1: "They can be purple"
EXEC2: "Aren't they called red grapes... like red wine?"
BOSS: "Yeah, but they are more purple than red really... I'm liking Grape, we'll go with that.  Now, what's Black?"
EXEC1: "Raisins, Prunes?"
EXEC2: "That's dried fruit, doesn't count!"
EXEC1: "Is Olive a fruit or vegetable?"
EXEC2: "It's a fruit - But hardly fruity or "gummy" - wouldn't Licorice be better?"
BOSS: "Olive is perfect! Well done! - got anything for white?"
Silence for about 5 minutes, other than the humming of a projector....
EXEC2: "Spearmint?"
EXEC1: "We already got a mint...."
EXEC2: "Milk?"
EXEC1: "Hardly fruity..."
EXEC2: "well, neither is Olive, but you got that one thru..."
BOSS: "Coconut Milk!... Yes, coconut - Fantastic!"
*Smug grin*
BOSS: "So, that's it, well done chaps!"
EXEC1: "Erm, we forgot Pink..."
BOSS: "Dammit! Pink, what's pink?"
EXEC2: "well, we could go really exotic with this one, like Guava, Dragonfuit, or Pink Grapefuit, or theres...."
EXEC1: "Peach?"
EXEC2: "Peach????"
EXEC1: "Peach"
EXEC2: "But peaches are peach colour, not pink"
EXEC1: "There are sorta pinky peach, like a baby's bum"
EXEC2: "But the headphones are a vibrant pink, an exotic pink, they are just crying out for something tropical"
BOSS: "Oh, Peach will do, I gotta get off and do the school run anyway"
EXEC2: "But..."
BOSS: "Great job guys, let's go..."

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