Friday, June 17, 2011

Bloody B Dubs!

This happens to me a lot. I know I only got a likkle car, but sheesh!

So I am in the right hand lane, about halfway through overtaking a b-double truck, or I am travelling alongside one on the freeway.

When you are about parallel with the middle of their extra long load, they will indicate to want to be in my lane.

I have a panic attack. Sometimes I think I could wee myself.

What's the etiquette here?  I'm in the middle of them, so I either have to speed up to get past them, or slam on the brakes so they go past me and hope that any guys behind me are paying attention.

Why do they always have to do it when I am in the middle?
(x marks the spot where I usually am when they start indicating!!!)

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