Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kindness Awards 2007

I just want to acknowledge the people who have stood out to me this year as being wonderful and/or kind people.... which in this day and age seems to be a rare commodity, and something which should be recognised much more often.
  • The Assistant Manager at Aldi in Hampton Park who gave me a refund on my broken microwave when I did not have the receipt.
  • LifeSinger... who's "twitterings" make me smile.
  • My mate Katie - who cheers me up when I'm down and always has an unbelievable story to tell!
  • My mum... my rock.
  • My puppy Charli - always ready for hugs and hassles me to take him for walks, without which I would be sat on my fat ass all day!
  • The guy that helped me catch Charli when he ran off and wouldn't come back.
  • Natalie and the guys from Brighton Toyota, who are always willing to help out, lend me cars, give me footy tickets and sent me off to the Tramcar Restaurant when my dad was here from UK.
  • My next door neighbour who gave me all her pebbles for my garden, and occasionally mows the front nature strip for me.
  • Kristy and the guys from Bartercard Bayside&Geelong - for helping me sell my stuff.
  • My boy... of course!

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