Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Room 101

More Chrissie Themed ones:-
  1. The thousands of those plastic twisty ties they use on toys these days to make them look good in the box - takes 20 minutes to release the teenage mutant ninja turtle and all his weapons.
  2. The Queens Speech
  3. The Sound of Music on TV - again!
  4. The traditional Christmas Turkey to be cooking when it's 30 degrees plus outside!
  5. The shopping mall queues and fights for parking spaces

Things, people, places, situations etc you hate/loathe/dispise/don't like very much belong in Room 101. If you decide to do the same please comment or link as appropriate as I would love to hear yours too.

1 comment:

owensmomma said...

I know what you mean! I absolutely hate having to work through the twisty ties and the plastic disk like things just to get the toy out!