Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Room 101

Well it's on everyone's mind anyway... so why not have a Chrissie themed Room 101.. and I can't even single out just one thing! "Tis the season to be SCROOGY!!!
  • The Christmas lights that you spent 2 hours untangling to find they don't work anyway, cause 1 measly bulb is smashed and none of the shops sell the right replacements.
  • Red and Green together - sends chills down my spine. I get flash backs to when my parents dressed me up as an elf/pixie for a fancy dress party. SHUDDER!
  • Those annoying flashing reindeer ears that have that inane tune... why do they always makes those tunes in those high pitched tones that drill right into your brain.... Grrrr

I'm sure there will be more next week...... in the meantime please feel free to add your own...

Things, people, places, situations etc you hate/loathe/dispise/don't like very much belong in Room 101. If you decide to do the same please comment or link as appropriate as I would love to hear yours too.

1 comment:

kwrenb said...

I'm a day late and this has nothing to do with Christmas, but please! Let this in!
Talk about chills up your spine...