Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Quirky Tuesday

Quirky Chrissie Gifts:-
  1. My brother in law has just bought 16 acres and is going all Farmer Giles on me. Claims to be planting an apple orchard and that I will be stomping apples for him. I therefore bought him an apple peeling, coring and slicing machine!
  2. My mum's friend came with us to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert and comments on the feather boas worn by some of the audience. I have got her a purple one of her very own!
  3. I made by Sales Rep at Brighton Toyota a magic wand to get those miracles performed that I always ask for.

Quirky Tuesday will have a different topic each week, to tell everyone about a quirk / ritual / obsession / routine about that subject. As little or as many as you like if you're playing along at home. (I sound like a game show host!). Readers can meme it on their own blogs or just comment on here. Don't forget to link!

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