Sunday, January 04, 2009

Cool Things I found This Week

I Googled myself recently, as I thought there was another bluehappybunny out there, and was kinda intrigued. On my travels I came across this Site Dossier

Some of the pages that linked to me I wasn't so surprised about, as I have considered them blog friends for a while now... however, here's the sites I don't think I have seen before, and I wanted to return the favour and link back...

Less than Lucid.. - hmm great name, I know how that feels sometimes :0
Cat509 - appears to have once been a Quirky Tuesday participant :^
Marsbookaholic - this on has a great link to a Grammar Nazi's dream site! I'll be checking it out for sure! :>
Same Sam - sounds like my kinda chick ;)
Nueve Lente - I got a "foreign One" whoo hoo - My memes are multi-lingual 8)
Some Things Need Said - Oh yes, they do :*

oh, and a quick shout out to my long lost friends, Jenny Boo and LifeSinger... Miss you guys!

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