Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nadal's Annoying Habit

Went to the tennis on Thursday.. Awesome day out... except a little tiny thing bugged me.....

Every point was the same... every serve the same routine... get 3 balls from the ballboys.. hits one back.... puts one in his pocket, bounces the ball on the ground with his racket... picks his undies out of his ass... serves..

Nads, honey... if you are gonna get sponsorship from Nike, don't worry about the amount of $$$ they offer you... make sure they give you comfy undies... a wedgie is very unattractive when you pick it out... especially when you do it EVERY SINGLE TIME in front of a few thousand people in the arena.. and a few million! on TV.

Go see Pat Rafter... he swears by his comfy undies :)

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