Monday, January 05, 2009

Monday's a Bitch

The Movie of Your Life in 2008
1. What would be the title? Try Harder
2. What would be the tag line? You Need more than just Lemons to make Lemonade
3. Who would be the main characters? Who would you cast to play them? I would Like to be played by Kim Raver, or maybe Alyson Hannigan . Mom played by Judi Dench. My now ex T/L by John Travolta or Jeremy Piven.
4. What would be the climax in the story? The realisation that you can put your heart and soul into a relationship, but if the other person doesn't do the same, then it cannot be saved.
5. What song would play for the closing credits? You can't always get what you want, by the Rolling Stones, followed by Opportunity, by Pete Murray or Around the Bend by the Asteroids Galaxy Tour (gimme good good times around the bend!)

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