Thursday, February 18, 2010

News according to BHB

BBC host arrested over lover's killing
Was it naive of him to think he could confess on National TV and not have consequences, or is he making a stand for those who have to suffer the torture of watching their loved ones die a terrible and painful death? So much grey and "what ifs" is gonna make this debate continue for years to come.

Chimp-shooting cop stress claim denied
Don't shoot a chimp unless you can handle the guilt. Right turn Clyde. (yeah I know he was an Orangutan)

Biggest Loser trainer sued over 'toxic' diet pills
I told you that exercise and dieting is bad for you! Fat people of the world - UNITE! (over a donut!)

Prince William gets some hair Photoshopped on
SFW!!!!  What average young male wouldn't!

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