Thursday, July 06, 2006

Feel like a Pubic Hair on a Toilet Seat

I'm pissed off. I hate being "overweight" (at least I'm not classed as obese anymore) I hate having a cold. I feel like I have a space suit on (just don't fart!) I'm the girl in the bubble. My ears feel blocked, I feel like I am about to sneeze all the time. (people think I'm pulling faces at them - it's just my nose itching). I keep wrinkling it like on Bewitched. (my spells aren't working tho - doh!). I'm grumpy, I'm emotional. Can't even blame it on the time of the month. What other excuse can I use.... SAD syndrome is always effective this time of year :)

Thanks to Life for his comment. The site he mentions is cool too. Looking forward to my motivational thoughts for the day - definitely need a buck up.

Here's one I have been meaning to post up for a while. Definitely brought a smile to my face. A little harmless voyeurism. I'm not sure whether Aussies know who Paul Daniels is - but he's a "famous", now infamous, magician. Very "uncool". Aussies think Daryl Somers with a "find the ball under the cup" game and you get the picture. Those in the States, think David Copperfield starring on a cheesy game show and you might come close. Lemme know what you think.
- check out feb 18 especially - I'm guessing he's in his 60s now???

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