Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm still here

I'm borrowing a work vehicle until mine is better. Unfortunately it is a ute that an apprentice drives during the day. The moron took the keys home with him tonight. So I'm still stuck at work waiting for him to bring them back. Not happy Jan - I'm gonna miss Neighbours now :) What? yeah of course I watch Neighbours - I'm a pom for Chrissake!

Another bad weekend diet wise. Went to my sisters for a party and had the night off - by eating enough food for a week! Potatoes, bread, creamy dip, curry puffs, choc mud cake - in fact pretty much everything on the NO list. Next day was no better. T/l bought me some sensational "pain au chocolate" for brekkie, we had fish and chips for lunch, and I had 2 ham and cheese criossants for tea. Was nice though.

Will have another crack at being good this week. So far so good. Had my water, went to the gym and I didn't see the cheese in my salad - honest! :)