Thursday, July 27, 2006

Nothing But Trouble

I'm having trouble sticking to the diet. Not sure why. Feel hungry/nauseous - not sure which. Hmmm

Got waxed yesterday. Got the full brazilian. Don't know whether it's because I have lost weight or whether I am just getting used to it but it didn't hurt as much this time. Nice and smooth now :) Girl was telling me that she's had heaps of calls from guys wanting brazilians. Hetro ones too. I know I know that is a very stereotypical thing to say, it's just most men I know whinge when they have their toe-nails cut - and the thought of having hair ripped out from their balls is enough to make them go pallid. My T/l would have to be under a general anaesthetic before he could do it!

Involved in a car accident last night. Feeling a bit sore and sorry for myself this morning. neck aches, back aches, head aches. Nothing I could do except close my eyes and wait for the guy to hit the back of my car. I instantly went into "Super Insurance chick to the Rescue" mode and was busy writing everyones details down and making sure everyone was OK.

My sick car at the repairers as we speak. She's probably glad of the break, and this might be her chance to get that wash she has been wanting for so long :)