Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Room 101

This is gonna sound terribly ungrateful, but toiletry gift sets, bath gift sets, pedicure gift sets etc etc, should just be banned for life.
Not only is it a subtle attack on my personal hygiene, but then I have my dilemmas:-

1) How do I use sparkly bath bubbles in a creative way, in view of the fact that I never have a bath (I always shower... and although most people find them relaxing, I find them kinda boring and even verging on the disgusting... being that I am sitting in water which in turn is now tainted with my own filth)

2) How do I creatively re-use the rather useless basket/wire tray it came in?

3) If I fail to find creative re-uses, which poor sucker do I re-gift it to next year?

Let's just cross these off the gift lists, then no-one has to worry about what they are getting from me next year!

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