Sunday, March 07, 2010

Cool things I found this week...

Signs You´re Hungover ...

- You´d rather have a pencil driven through your retina than be exposed to sunlight.
- Trying to gain control of the situation, you continue to tell your room to "Stay still."
- Looking at yourself in the mirror induces the same reaction as chugging a glass of fresh paint.
- You´re convinced that the chirping birds are Satan´s pets.
- You set aside an entire morning to spend some quality time with your toilet.
- You replaced the traditional praying on your knees with the more feasible praying in a fetal position.
- All day long your motto is, "Never again."
- You could purchase a new bike just by recycling the bottles around your bed.
- Your natural response to "Good morning," is "Shut up!"

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