Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Room 101

Those long taggy things they put on your clothes these days.

Their reasoning is that it helps the clothes stay on the hanger in the store.
Fine, but they don't always work, so I still end up kicking the item under the rack cause I can't be assed picking it up.
Plus if I buy it I have to remember to cut them out and run the risk of cutting holes in my top, or I forget and end up walking around with what looks like a shoelace or ribbon protruding from my arm pit.

Oh, and I couldn't find a pic which illustrated my annoyance (causing me further annoyance) but when I googled clothes tags the above pic came up so thought I would add for your enjoyment!


Kate said...

I hate those too! Evil things; not only are they useless, if I forget to cut them out, they move around and irritate my skin - I have weird, hyper-sensitive skin.

Anonymous said...

Ok. That's just wrong on so many levels. LOLOL!