Thursday, March 04, 2010

News According to BHB

This just makes a joke out of the entire diet and lifestyle industry.  I have always said that WeightWatchers was a BIG con. (I proved so on this very blog years ago when I noticed that Weightwatchers "diet" sticky date pudding had more calories than a Sarah Lee one) - I changed their logo for them. (sorry, not a very good "photoshopper" am I!) or there is always a change of name that could go with it -

'Baby Gaga', 8, causes outrage with dance
I don't see any "outrageous" or "provocative" dancing.  What is more outrageous is that her mother thought her daughter was "talented" enough to go on a talent show.  The kid can't sing, and it's hardly dancing! She's prancing round like she's in her bedroom!  She should be condemned for letting the poor kid embarrass herself like that in public!

Botched surgery gave woman 'four breasts'
Would have thought her husband would have been ecstatic to have a woman with 4 breasts - double the toys, double the fun!

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