Friday, June 23, 2006

Might as well face it......

I'm addicted to blog! Take last night for example. I should have been updating my website. I should have been updating my e-bay store, or creating my new online store. What was I really doing? Checked out Blog sites and Memes, trying to decide how to make my blog more interesting, how to attract traffic etc. Shame on all you blogsters out there - you're making addicts of us all!

Weighed in this morning - not bad for 4 days eh?! Might even try and be good this weekend after all. T/l sick, so may not turn up. Didn't do my usual routine either. Forgot it was weigh in day and had a shower first - so it might just have been even less (what? I'm NOT obsessing!!!)

Got wedding cake in the post today from Fi Fi, all the way over in the UK. Had a sliver for brekkie with my shake. Bit dry but suppose you can expect that what with the wedding being a month ago and it being subject to cabin pressure and postal service smelly bags and damp transit vans. Can't really be too much of a food critic all things considered. Got a mild stomach ache now - you don't think it's related do you?

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