Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Demon wins - but not for Long.....

I have been neglecting my blog. Mostly because I have been back to my old habits and was too ashamed to face the harsh reality.
I was supposed to have a day off - it turned in to a week - well maybe more like 9 days!!!!!
Had friends stay over Saturday night. Put dips out for everyone and although I was very good at dinner and resisted the potatos and the nibblies I put out, I did succumb to the dips and a bit of cheese. The Gin didn't help either, although again I didn't go overboard.
The Sunday was also a bit naughty... but nice :) Mostly little things like bacon and eggs for brekkie as well as steak and veggies for lunch - not huge crimes but still misdemeanors.
It was a pretty slow decent via Monday and Tuesday - bit of Mars Bar slice here, a KFC twister there... hmmmm!
It was Wednesday when it really hit the fan. T/l over and I had promised him a diet free day - and BOY was I gonna make the most of it. Porridge for brekkie with heaps of golden syrup. We went Italian for lunch - pasta and pizza - I was in heaven!
After that it's all a blur - half a box of pringles, followed by the rest of the dip (I had veggies with it I tells ya!) more porridge, potato cakes, peanut butter on toast, hot cross bun (I had them in the freezer cause I was DAMNED if I was gonna miss out completely this year!), more porridge, Bacon Double Cheese Burgers, Onion Rings, Spaghetti Bolognese (with extra parmesan), more porridge whoah there!
By Saturday T/L was back again, so another round of pizza and pasta (this time take away - with pasta servings meant for 2 people) more mars bar slice & porridge....
Of course why stop there - why not have the leftovers on Sunday - followed by the rest of the pringles, followed by half a box of mini snickers bars, followed by rest of the cheese and crackers.
By Sunday evening I was feeling thoroughly and totally ashamed of myself.
to be continued.........

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