Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pronunciation (pruh-nuhn-see-ey-shuhn)

I was born in England, the common working class North of England, but it is England nevertheless. England is where English was formed, founded and surprisingly, the language was named after it. Why then do people in Australia insist on correcting MY pronunciation of words? Surely if they pronounce it differently to me, then they are wrong. If anyone should know how the English language should be spoken then it should be an English person, don't you agree??? If you were speaking Italian, or Spanish, or Chinese, you would not argue with someone native to the country on how to best speak their language... so why do you feel it acceptable for English?
Therefore if I pronouce Data as "day-ta" then that is the correct way to spell it "dar-ta" is therefore incorrect.
Vitamins therefore starts with "Vit" is in "sit" not as in "kite"
and Yoghurt starts with "Yo" as in "cog" not as in "so"
Incidently as I was doing my "research" for this blog I came across the origin of the word vitamin:-
"[Alteration of vitamine : Latin vīta, life; see gwei- in Indo-European roots + amine (so called because they were originally thought to be amines).] "
I believe this sucessfully illustrates my point. I was pronoucing the word correctly. Vita in Italian/Latin is with "iy" sound not "eye" sound.
Class dismissed!
side bar 1 - it was much easier to have this conversation in oral form that in literal form - I got my point (and my lighthearted tone) across so my easier.
side bar 2 - the correct pronounciation of scone still confuses me.. is it to rhyme with "Stone" or "Gone".... jury still out on that one ;)

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