Monday, July 02, 2007

It's Monday!

I have chosen this site for my Monday thoughts... it's the only one I found that had simple but interesting questions.
This weeks is 5 favourite dishes
1. Ravioli Al Forno
YUM! It has to be from Narre Warren Pizza shop though. Yummy melted cheese, decadent pasta and the occasional fresh burst of snow pea. I'm drooling already. This recipe sounds like a nice alternative.
2. "Uncle" Tony's Curry Puffs
I love all Indian Food, but my brother in law's father (which is certainly distinct from being my father-in-law) makes yummy curry puffs. You can never stop at just one. Sometimes he skimps on the filling, but I forgive him! This recipe sounds similar.
3. My Home Made Lasagna
Even if I do say so myself! You can ask me for the recipe if you like, and I'm happy to share, but in practice it changes every time I make it. Even better the day after!
4. Toad In the Hole
This is my heritage dish. It is basically sausages cooked in Yorkshire Pudding. Best served with Onion Gravy, mashed potato and garden peas. Great heart warming winter food. Here's a recipe.
5. Fish In Parsley Sauce
This is my healthy favourite. Serve with mash to collect the sauce, green beans and sweetcorn.


Angelika said...

I HATE curry! I wonder if any people who live in countries where curry is in everything (morocco, india, etc) hate curry too and what do they do?

Mine's up!

BHB said...

They eat plain rice and cous cous and get very bored :)
I think if you grow up with it though then it comes naturally.. so your taught to like it.. if ya know what I mean

meowminx said...

I love toad in the hole! (and yorkshire pudding) When I first arrived in Yorkshire, I thought yorkshire pudding was some kind of dessert (or Jell-O pudding) hahaha!

Mine's posted here.