Friday, February 01, 2008

My Dilemma

Everyone please sing the title to "My Sharona"..... I do!

I have this "friend". You can tell the problem straight away as I have felt the need for the inverted commas.
I met her about 18 months ago when she temped here at work. We got on really well and kept in touch after her temp job. Regular e-mail and messenger chats, and we got together few times socially. We even had the prospective partners meet each other.
She was having trouble with her husband and would often confide in me and ask for my opinion. Just before Christmas she bought a puppy. Then boxing day she finally left the husband. She moved to her parents. She asked if I could look after her puppy. No probs! Then she started an affair with her cousin from Italy. I met him, he was great, but didn't speak English. My partner speaks Italian so we all got together. Everything great.
She decided to move to Italy with him. I was very happy for her and encouraged her to follow her heart and take the plunge. I adopted her puppy.
Once she left for Italy I had 1 or 2 emails, that was about it.
4 months later I get e-mail to say she was coming home, and asking me advice about Visas etc.
Then I got an e-mail saying she was back in OZ and asking for more advice about visas. I gave her the info and suggested we catch up soon.
The I got a text at 10:30 at night with more questions. I replied promptly.
A week or so later I got an e-mail asking for a reference for a flat. No problemo... when are we catching up?
A month later I get a e-mail with her new mobile number. Thanks heaps... when are we catching up?
I get regular junk e-mails from her, occasional news.
A month or so ago an e-mail "hey how are ya" and photo of her new puppy... hmmmmm

Ok, you get the picture (wha! picture... that's an effing landscape!) She only contacts me when she wants something.. doesn't seem interested in catching up or doing other "friend" stuff. I'm kinda feeling this is a very one sided relationship here and decided it was best to cut the ties.

The dilemma is this (finally she gets to the point!) I got an e-mail yesterday. "Hey, How are you? Did you have a nice break? How is everyone? Kind Regards,"
Do I reply??????? Do I continue this charade... confront her about her relationship... ignore her???
(Jeez I wish I had a phone poll!) As soon as I work out how to do a web poll I'll post it!

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