Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cool Things I found This Week

If anyone wants to buy me a present (hey, there's no harm in asking) then I want these. My old friend Happy Bunny has turned up again and he's blue! Might have to look at infringement rights on this, SURELY I must have come up with BHB first! These are kinda cool too!
Also gotta find out how I get me one of these!

This guy is one of my Bartercard buddies. He has great tips on Health and Fitness... and who knows.. I may even pay a little attention to him one day! My favourite of his one-liners is "Get Fit and Stop Eating Sh*T" To the point huh!?

1 comment:

JennieBoo said...

I Love Happy Bunny. He/She has the sarcasm I find so appealing. (Just like Stewie Griffin)And yes, I think you came up with it first! :)

These sound like "love gift" ideas to me!