Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Quirky Tuesday

The good thing about my "day" job as a Fleet Manager is that it is always varied....
I got one of the tech's in Northern Territory a brand spanking new 4x4 Hilux with long range tanks, custom body, heavy duty suspension, all the latest safety gear, snorkel, gps etc... He's had it 4 weeks before this happened :-
yep, that's our truck floating in the sea! Maybe they should put in the manual that snorkels don't work when they are FULLY SUBMERGED!!

Here's what his boss told me:-
a couple of technicians were attempting to launch Jack's boat off a boat ramp in Darwin, whilst attempting to turn the vehicle the new Toyota slipped off the concrete ramp and into the mud and subsequently became bogged and the vehicle could not be driven out via 4WD
Over a few hours and several broken tow straps the vehicle became submerged with the rising of the tide, eventually the vehicle was removed via a tow truck and is presently sitting in a holding yard awaiting further instructions.

what the claim form says:-
vehicle got stuck in beach. Tide came in and swamped the vehicle whilst launching boat. Tow truck firm phoned straight away but could not respond until 2 hours had passed.
Fire station attempted to help but vehicle was too far gone. Tow truck firm finally arrived. The cab of the vehicle allowed it to float and they were able to recover the vehicle.
Gonna get the buggers a Honda Scooter next time... let's see them try and tow a boat with that! ;)

Quirky Tuesday will have a different topic each week, to tell everyone about a quirk / ritual / obsession / routine about that subject. As little or as many as you like if you're playing along at home. (I sound like a game show host!). Readers can meme it on their own blogs or just comment on here. Don't forget to link!

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John said...

Ain't that always the way? The bigger the toy, the bigger the mess you can make with it...
Still, I bet they'd look cool on scooters :o)