Thursday, March 06, 2008

Psycho Mom!

I went to C's basketball game tonight. Normally just my mum takes him but she urged me to attend seeing it was his last one.

I turned into schizo mom from hell. This little brat on the opposite team obviously decided that chasing the ball wasn't working as a tactic and instead decided to going round kicking all opposing players! This wasn't just sly digs when no-one was looking... these were obvious, malicious full frontal kicks to the shins!

Normally I wouldn't get involved... but I must have had a short circuit or something, and went on to the court when he was laying into C's ankles for the third time and shouted at the little shit.

What the hell made me go off at a little kid! On the drive home I had flashbacks to those news stories of parents beating up referees and rival players.... I can see the headlines now...

"psycho mom makes 5 year old cry at basketball match"


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Annie said...

Ooo! I've never actually known any of those parents that end up on those news stories... if you end up getting publicity, be sure to let us know!

This is the reason I couldn't have male children... I would be running down to the field and kicking the little monsters back, or pulling my little angel from under a pile of football players and kissing his forehead and ruining his life.