Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Room 101

Phone Shocker Ringtone Ads

Very very very annoying - crappy and annoying. It wouldn't be so bad if they are just one or 2 every few hours, but they seem to buy up huge blocks of cheap ad space, and consequently you get inundated with the inane ramblings time after time after time in the same show - and even recently I have seen the ad twice in the same ad break!!!

Even worse are those ones that advertise those ring tone quizes - the ones that are designed to get kids to spend thousands of dollars in sms fees trying to win the latest ipod. Pathetically easy questions to get you to spend your hard earned dough.

While I am ranting and throwing ads in the depths of 101, I'll also include those ones that encourage the lonely and desperate to text names to find their true love! What the!!

... and don't get me started on those phone chat and sex line ads!!!!!

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JennieBoo said...

I am in total agreement.

I mean do they really think we're that much of a sucker? Makes me sick!

Annoying ads: Banished to ROOM 101!