Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Lair of the Blue Happy Alien Bunny

This story is written by my new friend John Hulme - the brightest start in the constellation. He wrote this especially for me, and I am deeply touched and honoured. I couldn't wait to share it with my other friend(s). I'm gonna post it in chunks... to keep you in suspenders!

Liverpool, like any city, was a busy place, full of people rushing here and there (and usually back here again, before nipping over to grab something they'd forgotten over there). So there were quite a few people mulling around at the time, wondering what Peanut was looking at. But of course, Peanut didn't care. All he cared about was that the rumours were true - there really was a flying saucer perched in the middle of the city.

"OK, Mum," he said, "so you were right about theflying saucer. But I still don't believe there's a big blue alien rabbit in there - let alone an annoyingly cheerful one!

"Fair enough, thought Tracy. I probably wouldn't believe it either. But she knew she had to find out. She knew she had been destined to become the Blue Happy Bunny for a reason, and something told her the reason was up in that tower.

So they walked over to the little entrance door which, as they quickly realised, was clearly - and somewhat ominously - marked:
"Hmm," thought Tracy. "B...H...B... that just CAN'T be a coincidence, can it? There must be a blue happy bunny up there!"

As they approached the doorway, Tracy and Peanut were suddenly confronted with a somewhat unexpected apparition. Even in Liverpool, where strange and unusual things were frequently known to have rolled free from the cargo holds of lost ships, encountering a security guard shaped like a giant rabbit's foot would probably be considered "a bit of a shock" - to say the least. Even more so, when the rabbit's foot in question happens to be blue (and we're not talking a kind of vague greyish-blue here, either - we're talking seriously cobalt-y almost turquoise-y blue... so blue, in fact, that bits of green had actually hopped in to get in on the excitement).

Had it not been for the shiny black cap with the word "SECURITY" clearly embossed on it, they would probably not even have known it was a security guard. But, of course, everybody believes what they read on shiny black caps, no matter what city they come from -that's just a natural law of the Universe.

"Can we come in?" asked Tracy. "I kinda think we might be expected."

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