Friday, January 22, 2010

From the Universe

Yes, you can have whatever you want. ANYTHING you can imagine.
You name it. It's yours. Done deal. Zip, zap. Bing, bong. Ka-pow.
Oh, but you have to go get it. K?
     I'll help,
           The Universe

P:S: We're a team. I'll do the hard parts, but you gotta get us started. Schwing, baby.


John said...

I have a sketchpad, out by the shoreline.
When the tide comes in, it draws sea monsters up onto the sand and paints their tentacles across the shingle. It mourns old spirits from distant continents as their bulk melts ashore...
and it weaves their legacy between my ribs, like a small carpet from a distant galaxy...
which is cool.
- such is the Way of the Ocean Bunny

John said...

Anyway, not going to hang around making silly comments on your posts and stuff - really just saying hi because I've been offline for a bit and have generally fallen out of touch with folks over the past year as my life meanders somewhere or other...

Good luck out there in the Cosmos

BHB said...

Ocean Bunny eh?, are you after another t-shirt or something????? ;)
I hope you'll stop by a-plenty. You're the only proof I have that someone actually reads this shit!