Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quirky Tuesday

I google a lot... mostly for info, research and for photos that go with my posts, and I love it when I come up with interesting pics completely off topic.

This photo came up on a search for "Lake Walk"

Obviously I was "intrigued" enough to click (my inner 12 yr old giggling), and I discovered this site.

My favourite activity:
Interclub sports: A day of fun activities with other clubs invited. This has included blind tent erecting (!!!!), various complicated sports with balloons held between the legs or passing balls without touching them with your hands, you probably get the picture here, undignified but fun.

Oh, and another favourite, this time a quote from the site:
  "...a public reserve near to the club grounds at Sutton, nobody seems to mind a few naked ramblers there."

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