Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Room 101

"Street Type"

I know I have put bad Grammar in here before, but this is kind of different.  I'm sure they go to school, and I assume they are taught the principles of good English, but yet they think it's really "cool" to type how they talk. 

Example is a question I got from one of those naff home made Quiz Creators on FB:

how long wud u last
  1. not very long..u dump cuz u see him with other girls
  2. couple months cuz he needs space
  3. u last more than half a year cause ur perfect

any spell check worth it's javascript would have been SCREAMing at all the mispellings, made up words, none use of capital letters and not one punctuation mark in sight! (the numbers I put in when reformatting)
... Ok, actually there is 2 "full stops in there, used incorrectly as a pause and with no space following)

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