Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quirky Tuesday

I am bored, so so very bored, and lacking in inspiration for quirky posts.
I googled Boredom at work: here's my top picks!

The Top 5 tips for everything: How to Relieve Boredom - includes a recommendation to blog when you're bored, and a wonderful fun idea of Randomail!

E-How - includes Office Pilates, and a few great jokes to prank your co-workers with.

If you're REALLY desperate, try Area 51 - but beware, you may get institutionalised for this type of behaviour.  My favourite:  "Put your head in a candy floss machine...see what happens.!"

1 comment:

Kate said...

I like the Area 51 page, very helpful!

"Go to the supermarket, pick up a courgette, hold it to your ear then say, "what?!, you don't want me to eat you?, well...ok then" put it down and move on."

This was my favourite suggestion, and I think I may just do it. The people who work in my local supermarket already think I'm nuts, so it can't make things any worse.