Sunday, September 09, 2007

Cool Things I found This Week

Overheard Lines is definitely a blog to check out regularly. Very funny. I would also love to contribute but I am terrible at remembering ones I have heard.. Ya know.. you do the "oh guess what I heard something really funny today... made me laugh out loud... jeez ya should have been there it was hilarious... ah, now what was it again... something to do with... erm...."

I know I am WAY behind the 8 ball here... but I'm still new to this blogging lark ya know! anyways.. I found a great way to keep all the cool things I find during the week in one place so that when I get round to the weekly roundup I can find it all.

One chick I'm gonna keep checkin out is
Dutch. Sounds like my kinda gal!

Finally, check this out.. thought it was kinds fun... ciao!

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