Thursday, September 06, 2007

Is all this fuss Necessary???

Bush is in town. whoop de doo.. let's throw a party.. or maybe just declare a state wide holiday for a day while he was here... oh ok already done that... well let's go one better.. make it a nationwide holiday.. let's call it National Bush Day!

I saw on
the news this 1 guy needs 700 people to help him get here!
Mr Bush's 700-strong entourage includes Secret Service agents, bodyguards and political advisers. He has brought his own sniffer dogs, a medical team and a personal chef as well as a fleet of 20 cars.
What can 150 bodyguards do that 10 can't?????

We have huge high fences erected... snipers... checkpoints.... police everywhere... but even then...
this happens.

so what is the point of all this security... a deterrant??? It certainly isn't going to stop someone hurting him if they REALLY want to... but then who would be stupid enough to do it when the whole world along with 700 staff is watching him?

Oh, and this is from the same guys that staged the convoy.. enjoy!

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