Saturday, November 03, 2007

Cool Things I found This Week

How cool is this! My Meme's are on The Meme Directory!, ok so I had to beg... but I'm on the map whoo hoo! Thanks to The Meme Directory for supporting me. It's still a new site, but I will be checking regularly for Memes whenever I have nothing to write... and I suggest you do too!
(actually I didn't have to beg per se, I just asked... but it was funnier to say I begged.)

Here's a site worth a look. If you have had trouble finding something to wear (we all have at some stage) and want something waterproof AND sexy, or just something offensive, then try! Of course the reason I have stumbled upon it is that it sells Happy Bunny merchandise! Hard to pick a favourite, but I think it is "Makeover? You need to be runover!"

Looking for a Chrissie pressie you can post? Maybe something humerous? Check out They sell (surprise surprise) stickers, but also funny fridge magnets! Great stocking fillers (though I hear legs are better tee hee)

And finally!
My Outrageous Name is:

Penny Hoar

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